Summer Season Starting Soon!

League Closing Doors
Season Opener Today!!

January 10, 2021

There's a great lineup of teams so far for the new Summer season starting up on May 12th. You will see a lot of the regular competitors, as well as some new teams wanting to make a name for themselves.

Division A

  • "North Shore Hitmen" Jeff Nahanee
  • "Canada Chiefs" Malcolm Key
  • "Control Freaks" Cary Bird

Division Purgatory

  • "Wheebid" Kenny MacKenzie
  • "Punishers" Tommy Dinh
  • "Thunder" Ryan Leonard
  • "Nine inch Males" Junior

Division B

  • "Red Dawn" Guy Demong
  • "Puck Off!" Sean Wood
  • "Off in the Woods" Andy White

If you have any questions about the new season, contact me by email or text/voice. Schedule coming soon.