Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many games will I play?

A: Our regular season is 10 games long. This followed by two playoff games and possibly a championship game.

Q: Where and when are games played?
A: Games are played at John Braithwaite Community Centre on Sundays between 4:00 and 11:00 PM.

Q: Can I create my own team?
A: Yes, we encourage it. Secure your team's spot with a $375 deposit. This can be done both online, or by contacting us here.

Q: How many teams this coming season?
A: We currently run two divisions split between 4-6 teams for each division. Every season we seem to grow a little more because of the players' valuable input. Our goal for this league is to reach 12 teams per night.

Q: How many players per team?
A: On all league created teams, there will is a goalie and between 9 and 12 runners. When you register your own team, you can determine the number of players that works best for you. The upper limit is 17 on the roster, and only 12 + the goalie can be dressed each game (for the first game there is no limit on the number of players!).

Q: Can I play on the same team as my friends?
A: Absolutely. If you're joining as a free agent, we will place you and your buddies on the same team. You can choose to register as an individual.

Q: What equipment should I bring?
A: We require that you bring non-marking shoes, shin pads and a hockey stick (only white tape on bottom of blade allowed). We recommend that you bring an additional stick, gloves, mouth guard, water bottle, and some "orange balls" for your warm up.

Q: Do I get to keep the jersey?
A: There is a $20 deposit to wear the league jerseys. This deposit is returned on receipt of the jersey. The jersey rental is free for this season!

Q: Do I have to read the rules?
A: Please take a quick look through the rules. Here's the link.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Contact us here to find out more about the league!